AdvLib (C#)

The AdvLib project is an open source C# library located at

The latest .NET library binaries (14 Feb 2020) can be downloaded below: (v2.1b)

Code Samples of how to use the library to create ADV videos are also available.

Adv2 (Python)

The Python wrapper over AdvCore is located at and can be downloaded using pip

AdvCore (C++)

The AdvCore is an open source cross-platform C++ project located at which provides a C interface that could be used from other languages.

The current version is 2.1c for Mac and Linux and 2.1b for Windows and can be downloaded below:

Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit
Ubuntu 32-bit
Ubuntu 64-bit
Mac OSX 64-bit

AdvPOC (C)

The Plain Old C (POC) version of ADVCore is located at This project is still in progress and aims to provide a plain C code for writing in ADV format that could be compiled and used in embedded devices.